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Own Your Story. Make An Impact. 
Elevate Your Call to Action.

Our communications services help you

amplify your CALL TO ACTION. 


A Call To Action, Inc. offers custom-crafted communications to businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

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Our services are the vehicles that
help you deliver change.

  • Media Relations (op-ed writing, ghostwriting, story pitching)

  • Strategic Communications 

  • Content Strategies and Creation

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

  • Drafting Business Proposals and Responding to RFPs (including grant reports for both government entities and foundations)

  • Creating Training Materials

  • Editing

  • Spanish Language Translation

About Our

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Adriana Maestas

Adriana Maestas is a communications professional and strategist based in Orange County, California. She has been writing professionally for over a decade, and her work has appeared in various print and digital publications. Over the past several years, Adriana has taken on the role of a freelance reporter, editor, and even ghostwriter.


Much of Adriana’s work has centered on politics and education, including where those two topics collide. She has created content and messaging that focuses on technology, food and hospitality, leadership, conservation issues, and the green economy.


Adriana also has a background in teaching and instructor training. Before she ventured on her own as a consultant and business owner, she designed training materials for instructors at the collegiate level to teach online. 


Adriana holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Irvine, a master’s degree in public policy from Claremont Graduate University, and a doctorate of education from California State University, Fullerton. Her doctoral dissertation explored the experiences of undocumented students and DACAmented students attending community college in the aftermath of the Trump administration. 

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